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Here you can find some useful downloads about ICA/BSP such as packages or libraries


The FASTICA package for MATLAB A free MATLAB program that implements the fast fixed-point algorithm for ICA and projection pursuit
ICASSO Software for investigating the reliability of ICA estimates by clustering and visualization
SOM Toolbox Effective software tool for the visualization of high-dimensional data. Function package for Matlab 5 implementing the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) algorithm and more
Pierre Comon Source Codes
ICALAB for Signal Processing Toolbox for ICA, BSS, BSE
ICALAB for Image Processing Toolbox for ICA, BSS, BSE
Basic ICA code in MATLAB Basic Source Separation code by Tony Bell
EEGLAB An open source toolbox for analysis of single-trial EEG
dynamics including independent component analysis, running under MATLAB.
Source Separation demo codes 4 Demos about Source Separations written in Matlab and Java
Softwares for Blind Source Separation (Instantaneous Mixture) Presented in the form a demonstration which is avalable in two versions: a matlab and a java version
SFD-MIM-BSS Package A smart interactive interface, in which the user can choose the type of mixtures, sources and mixtures parameters, a few pre-processing (wavelet denoising, fast initialization for PNL), etc
Blind separation of convolutive speech mixtures(DEMO) A demo of blind separation of convolutive speech mixtures
Markov-PNL Algorithm based on the minimization of conditional mutual information with a Markovian model of the sources.
CONVBSS Algorithm demixes convolutively mixed signals
BSS for Speech(DEMO) Fixed-point frequency domain ICA algorithm for the separation of convolutive mixture of speech
C implementations for JADE,SHIBBS Stand alone joint-diagonalization function
ACDC The AC-DC algorithm for the approximate joint diagonalization of a set of matrices.
EGDL-ICA Batch ICA algorithm for wide class of sources.
PEARSON ICA Batch ICA algorithm for wide class of sources
RADICAL ICA Non-parametric ICA algorithm in MATLAB. Makes no parametric assumptions about data (e.g. kurtosis).
FIR Matrix Toolbox 5.0 Matlab toolbox with tools for convolutive matrices and application to source separation.
MILCA and SNICA Algorithms Accurate ICA algorithms & reliability tests
Time-Frequency Toolbox for Matlab Collection of M-files developed for the analysis of non-stationary signals using time-frequency distributions

Efficient version of well-known ICA algorithm FastICA

Optimum pairing of blindly separated signals Algorithm for optimum pairing of separated signals by blind techniques
Mutual information estimation Algorithm for adaptive estimation of mutual information
Tree-dependent Component Analysis Matlab program that implements the tree-dependent component analysis (TCA) algorithms
Separation of convolutive mixture of cyclostationary sources
Script able to perform separation using i.i.d. or stationary sequences and cyclostationary sequences
TFBSS Algorithm for blind separation of non-stationary sources
Kernel Independent Component Analysis Matlab program that implements the Kernel ICA algorithm
Shiro Ikeda's Codes Algorithm to separate sound singal
Trilinear PARAFAC A trilinear model that has extensive applications in signal processing and communications
JADE An efficient batch algorithm based on the (joint) diagonalization of cumulant matrices
EASI Adaptive algorithms: relative gradient algorithms
Joint Diagonalization A reasonable algorithm for the joint diagonalization of a set of matrices
Relative Newton Method for BSS Matlab codes by Michael Zibulevsky
Joint Approximate Diagonalization of Positive Matrices Matlab and C codes
DTUToolbox Collection of machine learning algorithms implemented for Matlab™
Reliability of ICA Projections Assess the reliability/stability of ICA projections
Process sequences of 2D images
BSS Using Temporal Predictability (DEMO) Demonstrates how to separate three mixtures of three signals (e.g. speech) which have arbitrary pdfs
Face Recognition using ICA Matlab scripts